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Xbox Series X Global Launch Confirmed for November Launch Date Release India

 Xbox Series X Global Launch Confirmed for November

The Xbox Series X will launch in November, as expected. Microsoft and Xbox have announced that their next-gen gaming console will be available in online and offline stores in about three months, confirming what many had guessed for a while now. 

With Microsoft committed to a global launch, expect the Xbox Series X to be available in India in November as well. A report claims that the exact launch date might be November 6, going off packaging for Xbox Series X controller that says not to sell or display them prior to November 6.

The timing of Microsoft's official announcement is curious given it came shortly after the reveal that Halo Infinite had been delayed to 2021. In that context, this reads more like an attempt on Microsoft's part to assure potential buyers that Xbox Series X will be a good purchase at launch, even though its biggest launch title won't be available with the console. Acknowledging the Halo Infinite delay upfront, Microsoft added that the Xbox Series X will have “thousands of games to play, spanning four generations”.

That is essentially the Xbox Series X's major weapon against its primary competitor — the PlayStation 5 — which is also expected to arrive in November, to lead into the Holiday 2020 season for the western hemisphere. While the PS5 will have backward compatibility for PS4 games, the Xbox Series X will run titles from the Xbox One, Xbox 360, and the original Xbox. Moreover, these titles will be offered with support for 4K and/or HDR.

However, backward compatibility is not its biggest weapon. That would be its subscription-based service, Xbox Game Pass, which will offer all Xbox Series X exclusives and hundreds of games from other studios, as reiterated by Microsoft.

What it left out was that Xbox Series X won't be the only choice. If recent leaks are to be believed, Microsoft will also offer a more affordable Xbox Series S alongside. The major difference between the two: one supports 4K, the other doesn't. We are expected to learn more about Xbox Series S later in August.

As for the rumored November 6 launch date, it comes from The Verge, which was sent photos of the Xbox Series X controller packaging by an anonymous tipster. It noted that those who registered the controllers online were given a November 5, 2021 warranty expiry date, which further hints that November 6 will be their first date of purchase. It also suggests that Xbox Series X controllers will have a one-year warranty, as opposed to the 90-day one on existing ones.

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