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How to transfer PUBG Mobile Global to Battlegrounds Mobile India


Check Here ( How to Download BGMI) - Click Here 

Battlegrounds Mobile India is out in open beta and PUBG Mobile players, who were eagerly waiting for the game to relaunch, are wondering what happens to all their data as well as the items and in-game currency they collected. The good news is that Battlegrounds Mobile India allows you to transfer pretty much all your data from PUBG Mobile if you log in with the same account — be it Facebook or Twitter. If you were lucky enough to get access to the beta or just curious, read on to know how you can transfer your PUBG Mobile data to Battlegrounds Mobile India.

Right when you start Battlegrounds Mobile India for the first time, you will be asked to log in. After which, you will be given the option to transfer your data from PUBG Mobile. Even though Battlegrounds Mobile India allows you to log in via FacebookTwitter, and even Google Play, data transfer is limited to Facebook and Twitter accounts only. As per the game, Google Play Games accounts cannot be transferred as Google no longer supports signing in from embedded browsers.

1. How to Download and Install Battlegrounds Mobile India 

Step 1: Get Early Access of Battlegrounds Mobile Click Here  Click here to the Page after you will get a register Link on the page 

Step 2: After Clicking the lick you Will jump to Offical Page of Battleground Mobile Website 

Step 3: Get Register on the link and wait for 2 min  

Step 4: Then you will be able to Install Game From Playstore. Download the game (702MB) & enable “Install from Unknown Sources” if asked.

Step 5: Open the game, allow necessary permissions & select your preferred ‘Resouce Pack (HD/Non-HD)

Step 6: Open successful download of all game files, you’ll be asked to restart the game, please comply.

Step 6: Open the game & Log In using Facebook, Twitter or other Platforms available.

Step 7: Players will be asked to create a new account. Please create an account to proceed to the main lobby.

2. How to How to transfer PUBG Mobile Global to Battlegrounds Mobile India

Once you reach the main Lobby then go to the settings option ( Settings – Basic) the first you will get the option of transfer Game Login to your old account using Facebook, Twitter & allow the transfer. Your previous achievements & inventory will reflect in the new version in a while. Check the detailed Step-by-step guide below follow the Steps :

Step 1:

Step 2: 

Step 3: 

Step 4: Select the platform linked with your Global Account & Log In

Step 5: Select the platform linked with your Global Account & Log In

Step 6:

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